Installation Commissioning

EZ Water Technology Inc. can assist with all aspects of the installation to ensure a clean, fast start-up and quick commissioning. Whether EZ Water Technology Inc. performs the installation ourselves or in conjunction with subcontractors and/or partners, our CAD 3D capabilities allow us to test your system electronically prior to the actual installation, saving you valuable time, effort, and cost during the installation. It also allows for any required modifications to be performed in our quality-controlled factory environment instead of in the field.

EZ Water Technology USA can assist you in your equipment and system installation in a variety of ways

  • We can provide and/or assist you in the layout, location, and arrangement of the equipment in your available space.
  • If you have a team available to install the system, including contractors and/or engineers, we can deliver a complete installation manual to assist them and work with them directly to ensure proper setup.

For more information about our installation procedures and advantages, contact EZ Water Technology USA today to speak with one of our engineers.