Arsenic & Fluoride Removal System

ActiGuard Water treatment products are adsorbents which can remove Arsenic and Fluoride that are undesirable in water. Their unique physical properties, high surface area and many types of adsorptive sites provide results maintaining health standards and keeping systems compliant with regulations.

Axens Canada recognizes the diversity of water and we pride ourselves on our ability to assist in making the right decisions for your application. Modeling and equilibrium jar testing is provided to determine performance and cost to assist in your decision-making process.


ActiGuard® is a range of Brockville plant (Canada) activated alumina-based products, with useful dehydrating, adsorptive and catalytic contaminant removal properties.
They are employed across a broad spectrum of applications and industries:


A substance which has the ability to condense or holding other substances on its surface. Some examples are active carbon, activated alumina and silica gel.

Desiccant & Dehydration
– Air/Gas Dehydration
(Air, Acetylene, Argon, Ammonia, Ethane, Carbon Dioxide, Ethylene, Hydrogen, Helium, Nitrogen, Propane, Propylene)
– Liquid Dehydration
(Benzene, HF Alkylation Feeds, Butane, Heptane, Bromine Chloride, Hexane, Carbon Tetrachloride, Pentane, Naphtha,
Transformer Oils, Refrigerants; Plus other saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbon mixtures.)

ActiGuard® AAFS50

Description: ActiGuard® – Water Treatment Series – Arsenic & metals removal from water.
Characteristics: Proprietary
Shape: Granules

ActiGuard® AAFS50 iron enhanced activated alumina with high arsenic capacity and low cost make it the most economical adsorption route for arsenic removal.
ActiGuard® AAFS50 is designed for single pass use, landfill disposal passes both Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) and California Waste Extraction Test (WET). It has been utilized for various EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) superfunds sites for remediation application.
ActiGuard® AAFS50 has also proven effective in remediation applications including groundwater site cleanups and stormwater protection where metals including arsenic, zinc, silica, copper, lead, mercury and selenium need to be reduced. It has proven useful in phosphate and nitrate reduction.

ActiGuard AA400G

Description: ActiGuard® – Water Treatment Series – Arsenic & Fluoride removal from water Characteristics: Proprietary Shape: Granules ActiGuard® AA400G is used to simultaneously lower fluoride and arsenic to acceptable levels from potable water. Regeneration is normally used to operate at the most cost-efficient levels. ActiGuard® AA400G is certified by NFS/ANSI Standard 61 for drinking water treatment plant applications.

Activated alumina along with its promoted forms are the perfect choice for the adsorption of unwanted minerals and nutrients, with proven results for arsenic, fluoride, copper, zinc, lead, mercury, silica, phosphates and nitrates. It is currently used to treat potable water for municipal and household units as well as remediation of waste streams. Axens provides ActiGuard® AA400G, an activated alumina product for regenerative fluoride removal. ActiGuard AAFS50 a promoted alumina product